In times like these it has become difficult to stay connected with friends and family when you can't meet them in person. Being isolated during Covid-19 has been difficult for me. When I found out that my main  gallery in Laguna Beach opened back up again after it had been closed for months I was so happy and thought I would document my first day out. 

It felt freeing to drive on the freeway again. Even stopping at a gas station was making me happy. Can my once "normal" life actually get back to normal? 

Driving down the 133 canyon road that opens up to the main beach in Laguna Beach was a beautiful site. The hills looked green and the ocean so blue. It almost felt like I had woken up from a very long dream and I am now seeing the hills and the crushing waves for the very first time. All of the colors just seemed more intense and vibrant to me.


I visited Forest Avenue which was now closed off for cars. The city Of Laguna Beach and its residents just had turned Forest Avenue into a promenade to help restaurants that couldn't serve customers inside their facilities due to Covid-19. They added tables and chairs onto the now closed street to be able to serve restaurant guests outside. Needless to say the idea is fantastic!

I dropped off my new painting at The Signature Gallery. This newly renovated gallery that represents my work since 12 years looks stunning inside. The walls are changed to a crispy white with all of the colorful artworks literally popping off the walls. After my new painting "A New Day" that I had carried up the stairs into the gallery was installed, I took a video clip showing my oil paintings that are currently available. I added titles and dimensions to the video above as well. After having been locked inside at home and in my studio for months this was a freeing experience and it made me so happy to be back in the environment of a lot of art.

After leaving the Signature Gallery I decided to take a walk at the beach. It has always been a treat to know that the beach is literally across the street from the gallery. Most of the time when I visit Forest Avenue I will end up taking a beach walk and feeling the sand and the water of the cold Pacific Ocean between my toes. I usually walk on the beach South taking a deep breath and enjoying the clear air until I get to an area where there are public stairs that are located to the right of one of my favorite restaurants "The Cliff". After walking up the stairs I unsuccessfully tried to brush off the sand off my feet before sliding them into my sandals. Oh well, I felt the sand rubbing against my feet while I was led to a table on the patio of the restaurant.

It was warm enough and I felt relieved of having finally made it out of the house so I ordered a light cool beer and my favorite dish at The Cliff; the quesadilla especial. It was just so wonderful to enjoy this incredible sunset while eating delicious food. It felt freeing and ignited the hope in me that maybe, just maybe, we will be able to have our lives turn back to normal.